Friday, November 18, 2011


UPDATE 11/20/11:
We believe the circumstances of this incidence point to an actual case of SABOTAGE aimed recreating a Fukushima style meltdown in North Carolina, based on a March 2011 bulletin describing exactly such a scenario at the Brunswick plant.
See the following blog post for details and a video analysis.


The POTRBLOG team believes this event to be one of the most startlingly dangerous and incompetent things we have ever read in an NRC event alert, frankly we would find this event terrifying if we lived any where near or down wind of Brunswick North Carolina (and we ain't a-fear'd of nothin')

On 11/16/11 an Emergency was declared at Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear Plant due to a discovered coolant leak after the reactor went critical during the STARTUP of Unit 2 at the nuclear plant. Today we discover that the reason there was a coolant leak was because "the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head was not fully tensioned" Event Number: 47452

We take this situation to mean that Brunswick apparently has no effective policies, controls, or procedures to prevent them from improperly reassembling a nuclear pressure vessel, and no methodology for checking for such a failure other than bringing the reactor up to criticality and seeing if any nuclear goodies steam and/or leak-out. Moreover to alleviate the situation they had to manually shut down the reaction, which just so happens to be from a probabilistic stand point one of the danger points in the operation of a reactor.

Functionally we believe this situation to be the equivalent of a methlab operation failing to properly seal a pressure cooker and realizing the mistake just in time to keep the rest of the neighborhood from hearing the large BOOM.

Given what we know from the event reports, one has to question what was released from the plant; but more damningly one has to wonder how an organization can allow such an escaped defect to occur and still be deemed competent to operate a nuclear power plant.

Yesterday, Brunswick North Carolina had a grace of God moment that they didn't have their own Chernobyl / Fukushima. The ONLY SAFE procedure going forward is for Brunswick to STAND DOWN further operations pending a full debrief and corrective action plan.

We believe it would be wise for local residents in the area to take immediate precautions, and based on the evident lapses in operation of the facility to take long term precautions as well.


  1. This is really interesting, but to have cred you have got to take the ads off.

    This kind of writing and attention to what's going on with our nuke plants is very important---and your stuff is very well-written and thankfully not too hyperbolic...

    But if it appears you have a financial stake in people's fear, then they will be inclined to discredit your work.

    If you want to promote things that might help in an accident, it might be a better thing to do explanatory blog posts about them, or just link..
    Just my two..and thanks.

  2. Fortunately "cred" is not an issue, we have no desire to be influential.

    On the other hand, if you desire information from people who have no "financial stake in people's fear" then try the NRC, EPA, DMV, or the public school system. Heck before long we'll also have health care professionals with no financial stake in their customers either.

    All in all, were just happy that Google has enough of a financial stake in us to keep this service free.