Sunday, November 20, 2011

11/20/11 2:30pm Rain Radioactive Fallout 22 Times Greater Than Background

A sample paper towel wipe was taken from the hood of the truck around 2:30 pm; the sample returned a reading of 22 times greater than background radiation.

Twenty Times background radiation has basically been the floor level reading we have had during these fallout events since August. Typically these readings have a 36 minute short half life component comprised of Radon 222 daughters, combined with a medium half life component(s), and finally a persistent long half life component which reads slightly over background radiation for days to weeks onward.

We believe the short half life Radon source to be Fuksuhima ground water which is being released as steam as a result of the corium heating up that Radon laden Japanese ground water; we believe the persistent longer half life detections to be fission products that have contaminated the ground water in Japan and released as steam.

Our video below explains the situation in more detail.

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