Monday, November 14, 2011

European Iodine 131 Detections Indicative of Atmospheric Plutonium 239 Concentrations

The European Iodine 131 detections are a possible indicator of how much Plutonium 239 is in the upper atmosphere; for that reason alone it is EXTREMELY unlikely that the true source and cause of those Iodine 131 detections will ever be revealed.

The POTRBLOG team has warned since early April 2011 that Solar Coronal Mass Ejections impacting both Radioactive AND Non-Radioactive high atomic weight Fukushima fallout in the upper atmosphere could generate a witches' brew of "Fresh" radioactive iodine fallout across the sunlit side of the Northern Hemisphere.

Below is a link to all the POTRBLOG posts and videos regarding Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and their interactions with High Atomic Weight Fukushima Fallout.


  1. I look forward to reading about this.

    I've been looking over the technical literature about atmospheric spallation - not a topic I was familiar with - and most of what I find dates from the 1960's, when it appears to have been an active area of research.

    Are you aware of more recent publications?

  2. Probably the last time such stuff was significantly budgeted was the 1960's; anything privately budgeted would be competition sensitive. Probably the best bet would be to look for something tangentially related, such as neutrino research. It will be interesting to see if if becomes a topic of greater research in the near future.