Tuesday, November 1, 2011

University of California Berkley Brawm Badly Bumfuzzled By Borealis [Low Brow]

For those easily offended by tame low brow common language, please select this link for the tame "High Brow" version

We here at the Pissin' on The Roses blogspot typically don't go around pointing out the turds in other people's punch bowls; but when those people are training the next generation of nuclear engineers who will sign off on the safety of future nuclear plants, it doesn't hurt to point out at least a few of the floaties being served down to the public. Now for maximum affect, please reread that first paragraph envisioning a Jeff Foxworthy Southern drawl. (maybe the umlaut, should be  appropriated to denote such inflections) In that regard, we strongly suspect that Larry the Cable Guy would also recognize the chocolate kool aide being served up by the UCB "More Brawn than Brain Team".

Here is the BRAWN analysis which we were pointed to, frankly it is difficult to make it past the Freudian Slip induced title without lighting a match.

"This is nonsense
Submitted by bandstra on Mon, 2011-10-31 16:58."

We'll try to keep a straight face long enough to make a video reply; in fact just once again realizing that these people are TEACHING nuclear engineers was enough to turn that smile up side down.

In the mean time, here is a link to the post that seems to have driven the BRAWM team out of hiding.

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

If the BRAWM team's errors of cognition and omission are already poking you in the gizzard, feel free to post them here on our site. If you see any POTRBLOG errors, feel free to post them IN ALL CAPS.

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