Sunday, November 27, 2011

Light Mist With 33X Background Radiation in Saint Louis @ 1:45pm 11/27/11

There is light mist in Saint Louis's air today containing radioactive fallout measuring thirty three times greater than background radiation (0.333 mR/hr); the mist is the perfect consistency to lightly coat one's car and lungs with a dose of Fukushima's Finest.


  1. Heads up for the CME tomorrow into the 29th. See what the effect on the Aurora Borealis as you have written about might be. From the photon/neutron interactions might also show up in heightened radiation in the rain in coming days.

    BTW, Mr. X, you mention below, "The [rain] sample shows evidence of persistent long half life radiation which is capable of accumulating in the environment." This sounds pretty bad to me, yet few are writing or talking about it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the CME. It would be cool to have enough data to see if the last CME actually cleaned/affected the atmospheric fallout enough to reduce the visibility of the next coming one. It will be doubly interesting if there is another round of I-131 detections in Europe. Hopefully, its not something they could keep quiet if it did happen.

    And yes the long term stuff is building up; a while back we tested one sample that was still hot almost 1 month after the initial detection. We need to find the time to do a round up re-test of all of our previous samples.