Saturday, November 12, 2011


European radioactive iodine detections were predicted by POTRBLOG team as a consequence of the interaction of Coronal Mass Ejections with  Fukushima Fallout (both radioactive and non-radioactive).

The POTRBLOG team has alerted since April that the "Northern Lights" have the capability to spall a witches' brew of radioactive iodines over the sun lit side of the northern hemisphere. On October 24 a solar storm struck, with eastern Europe on the sun lit side of the storm. At the time the POTRBLOG team predicted "a step function jump in detections across the globe that could not be readily explained by via other means" would be a good indicator of such an event.

The current European detection MAY be indicative of the predicted Coronal Mass Ejection > Fukushima Fallout interactions warned of by the POTRBLOG team. HOWEVER, the data is not yet conclusive; confirming elements to look for would be the detection of other unusual radioactive iodines and fallout, dispersed in a manner that DOES NOT INDICATE A SPECIFIC POINT SOURCE. Making such a determination may be
made more difficult by outlying surrounding the events which are tied to point events like Fukushima.

However, we at POTRBLOG do not expect such an analysis to be made available for public consumption, as the confirmation of this event could induce wide spread anxiety as the situation continues for decades. In fact, it is more likely that public sources would confirm that the event was caused by a thyroid cancer afflicted deer hunter who happened to urinate off of his/her tree stand during a deer hunt; with the wind intercepting, and dispersing,  the I-133 laden urine across Europe before the tinkle could even hit the roses on the forest floor- a real J√§germeister indeed!

Original June Video Alert Below:


  1. I was following news about the iodine readings in Europe but didn't put it together with this. This This is pretty convincing.

    (I notice this morning that they're now discussing Pakistan as the source of the iodine readings. Perhaps once we've exhausted all the 2D possibilities it will be possible to suggest looking up.)

    You've done great work. Seriously.

  2. What about the IAEA paragraph:
    Please comment on ;
    People who take a transatlantic flight are exposed to a radiation dose 40,000 times as high as the one detected recently.
    People ignore that risk.
    Pregnant women and children should not fly,if this is true.

  3. It is the difference between getting an X-ray and eating the X-ray machine. One is a temporary exposure, the other is long term.

    One can also picture it this way, assume that every morning one is exposed to 50 gallons of water during the morning shower and lives through the experience.

    Now picture if instead of being showered with 50 gallons of water, one had to drink all that water instead. Such a person would die after several hours.

    Now picture instead of drinking 50 gallons of water, a person had to inhale it. The person would be dead in minutes.

    In regards to flying while pregnant, likely the greatest risk is in the early stage of pregnancy before the woman realizes she is pregnant. On the otherness, humans were designed to function in a naturally radioactive environment.

    In regards to the European I-131 detections, the greatest immediate risk is probably from getting caught in a rain storm of the stuff, or flying through in a jet aircraft.

  4. funny my predictions got me banned from numerous sites...then when it happens those sites take credit...if i wasn't banned people could have implemented minimal protections and cautions...all we can do is keep trying right? At least it wasn't completely ignored.

    No animal on earth that i know of was designed to deal with this type of radiation.

    very Young up to and during puberty, are highly vulnerable. Includeing unborn...and yet to be concieved. Despite not suffering visual or physical harm that we are knowledgeable...the exposure levels we are experienceing are enough to cause multitudes of issues with conception and healthy birth.

  5. Pazsion,
    At this stage of the disaster there is not much that can be done to convince people of anything; the response of the Japanese population spells that out pretty clearly. Our perspective is basically to share our risk mitigation actions in hopes others will provide useful input.