Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More On The Way: Fallout Detected on Radiation Network and RadNet

On or about October 14th a significant radioactive release occurred at Fukushima. That release traveled with the Jet Stream and impacted the USA. The impact was detected on the Radiation Network in Eugene Oregon and Grand Rapids Minnesota. A detection was also indicated on EPA's RadNet in Anchorage Alaska.   A recent detection in Hawaii indicate that more is on the way for CONUS.  We would also expect European levels to spike near the Jet Stream as a result of both of these detections.

Here are the links to websites mentioned in the video.

Radiation Conversation on ENVIROREPORTER.COM
Alexander Higgins RadNet Compilation
The Radiation Network
Jet Stream Maps

UPDATE: 10/24/12
According to information from The Fukushima Diary, this chart from Hokkaido Japan shows a spike in airborne radiation in Hokkaido starting on 10/14/12. The trigger for that spike is likely what was detected in Oregon and Minnesota on 10/19-22/12


  1. Thank you for this analysis. Is your suggestion that the major release happened around the 14th just based on counting backwards from the detections in Oregon and Minnesota, or do you know of an actual event happening in Japan at that time. The reason I ask is that on ENENEWS there has been much discussion of what appears to be a significant event (i.e., including a significant release of steam/smoke) on some of the JNN live-feed video footage, but I believe that event occurred around Oct. 17th .

    Nuckelchen posted this video, which appears to show unusual flashing followed by increasing steam/smoke from the 17th (there's also some strange shaking of the image--perhaps from the camera shaking--that starts around 6:30 and lasts over a minute):

    Nuckelchen also posted this other video, from Oct. 18th, in which a cloud of steam/smoke appears to emerge from one of the reactors:

    Majia's blog also links to several Fukushima Diary stories that document rising radiation levels (including Iodine) across Japan in the past few weeks (both during the first couple weeks of October and in the days immediately following the 17th):

    Is it impossible that these spikes on the 19th could have been the result of whatever happened on the 17th? (If so, I guess that means that the stuff spewed on the 17th is either still en route or just now arriving in North America).

    1. It is based solely on the counting back the Jet Stream images. The iodine 131 counts in the sewage sludge will give a better idea of the timing, assuming that they don't start "reviewing and approving" the data like the EPA does with RadNet

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