Monday, October 1, 2012

ALERT! Radioactive I-125 CORPSE Vapors Possibly Contaminate McDonald's Food Distribution Hub

Based on NRC event report #48331, the nearly 2 week delay in its release, and the sparsity of information contained in it, we decided to dig deeper. 

We looked at the PRESUMED location where the Iodine-125 contaminated corpse was cremated, the weather conditions present on the day of cremation, and likely fallout areas. Assuming the location to be correct, it appears to the POTRBLOG team that the primary fallout location impacted by the radioactive Iodine-125 vapors from the cremated corpse was a major MidWest food distribution hub for McDonald's.

We cannot say for sure where,what,or how much contamination occurred because the NRC event reports do NOT give enough information for the public to "trust and VERIFY".

UPDATE: 10/2/12 
The chimney stack on the funeral home appears to be a match to the crematory chimney stack shown in this crematory manufacturer's video . Based on the visual evidence, the NRC event report, and a third party phone call to the funeral home,  it seems clear that the crematory is on site.

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