Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ALERT! Buy Potassium Iodide "iOSAT" NOW! The US Military is Rapidly Stockpiling! Shortage is Imminent!

Buy Now! 
Read The Rationale Below.

The Defense Logistics agency has just released a SOLE SOURCE NO COMPETITION Solicitation for 1,050,000 Doses of iOSAT thyroid blocker. This solicitation will affect the civilian availability of iOSAT. The "no competition" aspect of the solicitation indicates HASTE on the military's part.

The perceived haste of this iOSAT order may be indicative of a preparation for a near term radiological event.

We expect the solicitation to impact the availability of civilian iOSAT supplies.
iOSAT is the least expensive nuclear risk mitigation item one can buy -WHEN IT IS NOT IN DEMAND. The current market price of iOSAT is approximately $10, during Fukushima it spiked upwards of $400.

iOSAT is one of the few items we recommend buying directly from Amazon. Click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

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