Saturday, April 7, 2012

5pm Passing Drizzle 5x Greater Than Background Radiation

We had a very short duration light drizzle, that came through around 5pm, which left a few sprinkles on the truck. We sampled those sprinkles and the measurement was approximately 5 times greater than background radiation. Pre-Fukushima the greatest we would expect would have been approximately 3x background radiation.

Post-Fukushima, we consider this to be a "good" reading; the worst reading we have had was 276X greater than background radiation. Typically, strong storms have a greater potential for pulling fallout from the upper atmosphere; whereas low passing clouds, such as this afternoon, tend to clean out what is in the "local" air.  Given Missouri's proximity in Tornado alley, fallout readings here may be higher here than in other areas of the country located away from the Jet Stream.

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