Thursday, April 5, 2012

19x Background Radiation; Unusually High Southern Jet Stream Radioactive Fallout Continues

At approximately 11:45 pm on 4/4/12, a sample swipe of the rain on our truck returned a reading of 19 times greater than background radiation. Given that the source of the rain was the Southern Jetstream, the fallout is unusually high.

Since approximately March 15th, the rain driven fallout readings arising out of the Southern Jet Stream storms have been abnormally high. Prior to that time period; Southern Jet Stream Storms typically topped out at 10X over background radiation. Post March 15th 2012,  the southerly originating storms have been consistently returning 19x times background radiation. Unsurprisingly, after our March 15th detection, reports started coming out of Japan of increased fallout. We suspect a precipitating event occurred in Japan around the first week of March.

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