Friday, April 13, 2012

10:30am Friday 13th Rainfall Radioactive At Eleven Times Greater Than Background

We took a swipe from the hood of our truck this morning. The swipe was radioactive at 11 times greater than background level. The rain was from the leading edge of the storm system; typically the highest readings are measured at the trailing edge of the storms.


  1. I still check in after rain storms and appreciate your efforts. Thanks for the heads up on iOSAT.

    SPF #4 will likely come down with all the EQ activity around Fukushima.

  2. Flatsville, lets hope it does not come down; if it does, the air will be full of fullerenes aka Bucky Balls. On the positive, they have had enough time that they should have a good civil engineering understanding of the real risk level. If the pool collapses by itself, and the public was not warned beforehand, then one can assume malfeasance in the extreme.

  3. This is what is holding it up.

    What remains of the building gets more brittle and fragile by the day.

    The amount of shakin and quakin the past few days is just astounding. It's not doing that building any good.

    Last post 49x background...Yikes!!!