Monday, October 15, 2012

A Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake Aftershock Still Awaits Fukushima

An M8 aftershock,  based on historical major Japanese quake data, has an 80% weight of occurring today with that weighting reaching 100% by September 2016.

Based on ANSS data:
An M6 aftershock is expected to occur around Jan 2013 +/- a few months.
An M7 aftershock is overdue based on Japanese aftershock data
An M7 aftershock is not due until July 2015 based on USA earthquake data
(the M7 discrepancy centers around whether or not the 3/14/12 M7 quake was an aftershock)

We plan a video discussing the math in detail.
In the mean time, below are the charts supporting the above information.  Those who remember our  June 2011 video successfully predicting a series of M6 quakes will already will recognize that charts below as updated versions.  The last chart indicates that recently there has been an excess release of quake energy. If that excess energy release was not uniformly distributed, it may indicate that a stronger quake is near.

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