Monday, October 22, 2012

Fuel Rod Fire Shut Down All EPA RADNET Graphs In APRIL / MAY

Today's unsubstantiated rumor of a MAJOR ACTIVE fuel rod fire, currently, does not correlate with any EPA actions to  restrict RADNET data visibility.

This was not the case in May 2012, when the gamma spectrometry results from a beef test we had done at a professional lab indicated some contamination with short half life soot products which one would expect from a fuel rod fire.

We reported that finding in the video below, at the time of that finding it was also unprecedented that the  EPA stopped updating ALL of their RADNET graphs across the country. Eventual, data from Japanese waste sewage was released supporting the indication of a recriticality. And, not long after Tepco started testing fuel rod removal capabilities at Fukushima.

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