Thursday, October 25, 2012

27x Background Radiation From Saint Louis Storms

The radioactive fallout which we believe originated in Fukushima on or about 10/14/12 finally entered the Saint Louis area.  As seen in the first seconds of the video above, our live outdoor airborne radiation monitor averaged around 2.5 times background radiation. A paper towel swipe from the surface of our truck returned a reading of 27 times greater than background radiation. We have placed the sample in our lead cave lab to see if any long half life fallout will remain after the short half life fallout has burned out.

Those wishing to compare our live airborne readings with those on the Black Cat Systems Radiation Map will have no issues as our readings and theirs are normalized to the same standard. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the data which appears on the Radiation Network.

The Radiation Network does not normalize their data to a standard, hence direct comparisons from one measuring station to another may not be valid. Our airborne detector uses a standard Geiger tube; to make comparisons with someone using a pancake tube Geiger on the Radiation network, you will have to multiply our readings by 3.2.  For example, the reading of 40cpm on our Geiger would equate to 128 cpm on the Geiger counter which sparked today's alerts on the Radiation network. This means our airborne Geiger readings would not have  triggered their alert system even though we measured greater radioactivity than their alerting site.

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