Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paul Krugman Will Claim Hurricane Sandy a Great Economic Stimulus

Paul Krugman Will Claim Hurricane Sandy a Great Economic Stimulus.  From his Krazy Keynesian mindset, as long as the the amount of damage done to New York and et-al is great enough to cause significant rebuilding without effecting the capability to rebuild, the economy will be much better for the destruction.

 Basically, this Krazy Keynesian belief is the equivalent to believing that hiring teenagers to break windows around town is a great economic stimulus to society in general; provided of course that the teenagers  don't break the windows at the window factory.  On an individual level, its the equivalent of rationalizing littering as a modality to create street sweeper jobs.

So instead of crying  over the hurricane damage to your purse,  bask in the warmth that all of these destroyed taxis might just give a GM a chance to force Chevy Volts on the Taxi Czars and you as a patron.

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  1. As a business owener it's tough to think of the damage the Hurricane caused as a good thing but I can see how the theory makes sense. We spent a pretty good amount of money on renovating our exterior, new rugs because of the flooding and on disaster recovery services. Like you said, there definitely are some benefits, although the damage done and the lives affected may have been too great of a price to pay.