Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[EBO] Effects-Based Operations: The Math of Influence and YOU

EBO = "Effects-based operations are coordinated sets of actions directed at shaping the behavior of friends, foes, and neutrals in peace, crisis, and war", based on analytical modeling and simulation.

Likely you have never heard of EBO;  and even if you have, very few have the combination of skills to implement it well. But, it is another matter to recognize when such analytical / decision tools, or poor attempts at them, are in use.

We suggest reading one of the seminal books on the subject, fortunately it just happens to be available as a free PDF download from "The Command and Control Research Program (CCRP)" of the Department of Defense. see link below

Effects Based Operations
Edward A. Smith 2003

UPDATE: Since we've linked to this book the CCRP has decided to make this particular download strangly unavailable, but most people can still order a 100% FREE paperback version (free shipping too) at this link

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