Sunday, October 28, 2012

[VERY GOOD TEMPORARY STL NEWS] Spring & Summer 2012 Fallout UPTAKE Contamination Appears Low

Even though we have detected long half life in Saint Louis area rain, we have indications that the radioactive Fukushima fallout which came down on the Saint Louis area during the drought of 2012 was not taken up by the plant product(s) we have had tested.

We will have more information available after we further crunch through the data, and there may still be some counter indications to come. But as it stands now, we will likely lower our PERSONAL risk assessments for food grown in the Saint Louis area between Spring and Summer of 2012; with the possible exception of food products grown in watershed bottom lands.

We believe the radioactive contamination risks to be higher west of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges; as shown in  points A to B in the map below, and as such we avoid food products from anywhere west of that region.

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