Monday, January 13, 2014

Medicine Is getting the IDENTICAL Takeover That The Financial & Military Systems Got In Prelude to WW1

Most people don't know that the United States of America has been in a CONTINUOUS STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY since WW1. It is a never ending and on going State Of Emergency which gives the President his powers to rule by decree and to control the individual States military forces as if they were part of the Federal military force.

Of course, the Executive Branch has to keep coming up with NEW National Emergencies to justify the continued use of such powers. A hundred years ago they had World War One as the excuse; these days they don't even bother making it believable,  Barack Obama's  May 2013 Executive Order declaring the rebuilding of IRAQ a National Emergency is just such a farcical example of the excuses given to maintain these kingly powers.

But it goes beyond the Executive branch, most people don't know how our entire monetary system was Nationalized by a sneaky Christmas Eve Congressional move, also taken in the prelude to WW1. What even fewer people realize is that this same takeover pattern is now being repeated with the Medical system.

We will have more to come on this in coming weeks.  One thing you can expect to happen as the medical system declines is the creation of non-specific, indefinite Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) as a permanent quick fix for a system in decline. If you don't believe its already happen, the Food and Drug Administration spells it out quite clearly here:
http://FDA Questions and Answers for Public Health Preparedness and Response Stakeholders

But don't expect things to fall apart overnight, one has to boil the frog slowly lest it becomes aware its being cooked; its taken us one hundred years to get in the mess we are in today. However, any good crisis and panic needs to be properly taken advantage of for the people to celebrate and demand further decline. ObamaCare and a possible H7N9 pandemic is certainly made to order to fit that bill of goods.

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