Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Common" Cold May Have Helped Spread H5N1 In Chinese Canadian Victim

UPDATE: 2/7/14 

Canadians LIED About H5N1 Patient Not Having Respiratory Symptoms


It appears that the Canadian Chinese victim of the H5N1 may have become infected by contact with an individual who had a simultaneous "Common" Cold (HCoV  229E) and subclinical  H5N1 infections.

She was found to have HCoV 229E in a nasopharyngeal swab, but not in her lungs. Canadian medical officials supposedly did not observed any coughing, but did report vomiting (any one sharing the aircraft restroom with her should be concerned).

Given the lady's lack of exposure to poultry in Beijing and  the lack of reports of H5N1 in Beijing, the HCoV 229E and H5N1 combination are prima facie evidence that she was infected by H5N1 via a person who was  subclinically shedding birdflu, but who was simultaneously clinical for common cold symptoms which thereby allowed the H5N1 to be readily transmissible and yet present subclinically. Such cases tend would tend to go undiagnosed.

But, none of that excuses the lack of proactive treatment given  the ~20 year old Chinese Canadian nurse from Reddeer. She was diagnosed with pneumonia after her return from China but was UNBELIEVABLY not even given the option of Antiviral treatment. In the after math of her death, the public health herd based medical system kicked in to figure out what happened after the fact.

In the short term, it is more economical and effective to let a few sentinel cows die off, and trigger a public health response in the after math, than it is to pro actively treat, test, and investigate a cow that might be the sentinel of a unusual outbreak. The system can get away with it because the cow in question is not the one paying them for their services, and the government which redistributes wealth to pay for those services also prevents the cow (or its relatives) from effectively engaging in medical malpractice lawsuits. Unfortunately we now too have such a veterinary, herd based medical system now forced on us as ObamaCare here in the United States. The key with selling these systems to the public is hiding the decline of the system as it switches from a patient-doctor healthcare interaction to a Government-doctor-herd based system, while simultaneously making each individual in the herd believe that they are going to be treated as if they were a prized Heifer. 

What is clear is that universal Healthcare did not give the poor Canadian  a fighting chance at life, and while in the short run it might have been cheaper not to offer her antivirals, and perform flu tests; in the long run, the woman had at least 12 days to expose North America to a deadly disease. So while the Canadians are singing the praises of their response to the situation, have no doubt it was an abject failure for both the lady who died, and the public who believes that authorities have any capability to actually prevent the import of a deadly disease or stop it immediately after it enters. Don't be surprised if H5N1 has made it into the Canadian eco system, and don't be surprised if there are already several hidden cases of H7N9 bird flu in the Seattle and Vancouver areas.


HCoV-229E is a proven common cold virus in healthy adults

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