Sunday, January 26, 2014

FEMA Eyeing 72 hour Notice Turnkey Responder Base Camps in Hawaii, Samoa, And Guam

FEMA is looking for outfits that can set up turnkey "Base Support Camp"(s) in the Pacific.
The RFI identifies them National Responder Support Camps. Based on the documentation, these are standalone all inclusive camps with segregated male and female areas; all contained within a fenced security barrier.

Apparently FEMA does not expect these "Responders" to do much physical "responding" outside of the camp's fenced security barrier, because they also want these camps to have exercise yards. The responders also require disability access, and some requirement to have Kosher and vegetarian foods.

One has to wonder how these "Support Camps" will fit in with the contract the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) awarded ASIA Pacific Airlines for the Emergency Delivery Of Strategic National Medical Stockpile to the Pacific.

But have no worries, these camps will be happy happy happy places as personified by the joyful face of this FEMA Mass Care Group Supervisor shown on FEMA's website. (see photo below)

Our Parody of FEMA's photo:

Photo courtesy FEMA (original)

Ask yourself: 

"Do I really want to spend the next Month at this camp with 2,000 of my closest friends?"

Be prepared, lest some one prepare for you!


Base Support Camp for Hawaii, America Samoa and GuamSolicitation Number: HSFE09-RFI

H7N9: CDC Contracting Emergency Delivery Of Strategic National Medical Stockpile to the Pacific


  1. Will these camps be welcome in their host countries? After all, these camps will (forced) quarantine sick shepple with a contagious disease. So the big barbed wire containment fences keeps the sick people in and keeps the towns folk with torches and pitchforks out. That sounds safe.

  2. Just wanted to send you this link. The Weather Channel the original link I click on said, "Is there a pandemic brewing?" Very basic coverage but some good old pictures from during the Spanish flu and interesting focus in the pictures on the use of masks, advocacy for the wearing of them and the exclusion of people from the street car if they didn't have one on.
    Also, I was just thinking if FEMA doesn't quarantine those with H9N9 as the come into Guam and Hawaii what is the alternative? Send them back? Let them keep going? My great grandmother died of Spanish Flu during the 1918 outbreak in Wisconsin. It left my grandmother and her sister without a mother when they were little. It was tragic. There Dad couldn't manage them and work put them into foster care. Eventually he did manage to get them out but I believe the whole incident sent their lives in a different direction than they would have gone.

    1. Even in the 1920's they were blaming the Chinese for the Spanish Flu
      see page 12 of this report

  3. Oh the typos! Sorry but the content is still worthy.

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