Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two New H7N9 Cases in China? Reporting Delays and Discrepancies of Concern

It seems as if we called this one right on the money, the son of the Zhejiang patient is also #H7N9 positive, reports indicate he came down with high fever around the same time his father's case was being confirmed.
We suspect the son tested positive on a rapid test, and that announcement was delayed until labratory confirmation occurred.  This same pattern of not notifying on rapid  test results was also reported in the recent case of the 36 year old Hong Kong maid. That delay is likely responsible for what appear to be a large outbreak in the making in Hong Kong.
Source:(h/t "A biologist")

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What we know so far:

Patient Name:XX (Moumou)  Age 57; Sex: Male residing in Zhejiang
Fell ill on November 20th and hospitalized on November 22nd
As reported by the Hong Kong health authorities on November 28th

Patient Name: Zhang  Age? Sex Male? residing in Anji (Zhejaing)
Went from his HOME to the emergency room on November 26th with respiratory failure
As reported by Mainland Media on November 29th

Given how slow and secretive the Chinese were about the previous two reported H7N9 cases, it is possible that these are two separate H7N9 cases.

However if they are the same case, the large time delay from hospitalization on the 22nd to H7N9 confirmation on the 27th indicates that all is not as it seems in China when it comes to detecting and reporting H7N9.

Toss in to the mix the recent French quarantine of a jet returning from Asia because passengers were showing flu symptoms, and it may be inferred that the Global authorities have greater concerns than are currently being publicly let on.

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