Tuesday, December 10, 2013

H7N9: CDC Contracting Emergency Delivery Of Strategic National Medical Stockpile to the Pacific

The Centers of Disease Control is readying to make emergency air deliveries of the Strategic National Medical Stockpile (SNS) to US Pacific Island Protectorates and Allies. The CDC is contracting with air cargo carrier ASIA Pacific Airlines for three B727's  to make these emergency deliveries

Of course, Pacific Islands are likely to be the first to see H7N9 bird flu as high wealth Chinese flee Hong Kong. In fact the US Government war gamed pandemic influenza in the Pacific on August 27-30th, 2013 during OPERATION LIGHTNING RESCUE 2013
Lightning Rescue 2013 (LR13) was led by the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) of the Republic of Palau and supported by the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC), which was the lead agency for this activity in earlier years. The three-day tabletop exercise, held August 27-29, focused on multi-agency coordination during the response and recovery phases of a major Pandemic Influenza/Infectious Disease (PI/ID) emergency

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REMEMBER: The Government believes that a Public Health excuse trumps the Bill Of Rights



Air Charter Transporation Services (ACTS) for the DSNS

Infectious Disease Exercise Strengthens Partnerships and Coordination

200000 Doctors Scrubs in 48hrs

Surge Delivery to the Pacific

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