Monday, December 9, 2013

[Explosion] NRC Activiates Incidence Response At Russellville Arkansas Nuclear Plant

 Initial radioactive releases (IF ANY) would have been local and moving Southward, any radioactive materials pushed upwards into the Jetstream via the fire and explosion would be well on to their way to Memphis and points northward to New Madrid, Missouri (see Jetstream Map below)

The situation is supposedly "safe" but that is always the initial claim. Moreover, the NRC's definition of "Safe" means you won't die of radiation posioning in the next week or so. Whether or not you get cancer 1-10 years down the road is not something that enters their definition of safe.


The US Government is ordering 14,000,000 doses of radiation thyroid blocker, but if you needed it now you and your loved ones would not have it. Buy it now, and give iOSAT out as Christmas stocking stuffers its relatively inexpensive at $6 for fourteen adult doses.

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