Monday, December 2, 2013

ALERT: Report of Hong Kong Conducting H7N9 Quarantine Raids And Search For Mystery Travel Companion

Update #3 12/3 :  Reports that over 200 people are being monitored for H7N9. The afflicted family lived on the 15th floor of  Palatial Coast Block #5, retail value roughly $7,000,000. Reports indicate that 'heavily armed' cleaners are disinfecting the entire property.  

We estimate that by 12/12/13 approximately 800 people will be infected with H7N9 as a result of this outbreak. more details at this link:

Update #2:  The 36yr old maid worked for a family of six: A 40 year old couple with two sons 10 and 13 years old, plus their elderly parents aged 78 and 80 years old. The age range is concerning as it connotes the potential spread to all age groups in Hong Kong, especially given the long exposure period.

Update: Confirmed reports of at least 10 people in Quarantine, expect this number to grow quickly.
There is an unconfirmed report of Hong Kong Health authorities rounding up suspected contacts of the 36 year old H7N9 infected Indonesian maid.

Ambulances and masked health authorities were reported to have made a 1 am raid at the  Palatial Coast housing estate in Hong Kong, where a number of masked men and women were been seen taken to the Princess Margret Hospital. Targets also included patients and persons who may have come into contact with the 36yr old female victim at a private health clinic.

A full blown search is also underway for a mystery traveling companion who accompanied the H7N9 victim in the Mainland. Reportedly scant information on the traveling companion is available. We do not discount the possibility this person returned to Indonesia.

Palatial Coast Housing Estate (courtesy wiki)

Google Map of the Palatial Coast Housing Estate

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