Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FDA Directs Critical Drug Manufacturers to Prep For Massive Employee Absenteeism

"manufacturers of drug and therapeutic biological products and manufacturers of raw materials and components used in those products develop a written Emergency Plan (Plan) for maintaining an adequate supply of medically necessary drug products (MNPs) during an emergency that results in high employee absenteeism."

The FDA comment period for this emergency planning ends January 2nd.  Obviously the connections with the outbreak of pandemic H7N9 avian influenza, aren't easily ignorable. There is obvious risk of a public health death spiral from a highly regulated closed system where the federally limited number of people who make the drugs are too sick to make the drugs to treat themselves. 

The obvious solution to such catastrophe is a free market system, which by its very nature has the greatest immunity to such risk. Instead, we have a top down Czarist driven system whose stability and responsiveness are legendary in the Pantheons of  Boondoggles. These systems would be laughable were they not so deadly. Exactly who won the Cold War?


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