Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plutonium Fission Fizzle Bomb: Uncle Sam Upgrading Emergency Triage Capability

It appears the Federal Government believes that there is an increased likelihood of the civilian population experiencing a fizzled Plutonium nuclear detonation, and is therefore seeking to develop rapid metabolic based triage capabilities to quickly identify which victims are likely to die within a two week time from radiation poisoning.

We'll have more to follow in the coming weeks, after we complete our on going analysis of unusual Federal planning for a viral pandemic which kills via cytokine storming (likely Bird Flu based on the timing)


  1. Could any of the radioactivity we see here in St. Louis be coming from the North County landfill fire?

    1. We are up wind of the land fill about 99.9% of the time; a few weeks ago there was a wind shift but we had no immediately noticeable detections of either radiation or stench. A few miles closer and the stench was way over the top. Given the level of concern we may do a mobile air sampling and see what we can find.