Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Neil Armstrong Lasered Petroglyph Monument On MARS

See the Petition Below:

Neil Armstrong, the first human on the Moon passed away on 8/25/2012; the POTRBLOG team believes it would be an inspiring and fitting monument to his memory and human accomplishment to use the Mars Curiosity's ChemCam LASER to create a dot matrix petroglyph  of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian Cliff face.  The endeavor would be in the finest tradition human tradition of creating archaeological markers to future generations,  such as Signature Rock at El Morro National Monument, and Chauvet Cave in France.

The JPL image below was not created with our petition in mind, but it does show how the appropriate selection of a Mars Cliff face could provide enough strata to allow an artistic sampling method to create a Neil Armstrong Signature Rock Monument while simultaneously supporting scientific analysis of the strata surfaces selected.

To make the memorial happen please do the following two things:

visit the Mars Curiosity JPL webpage located at
and fill out the feedback form with the following:

We petition that the Mars Curiosity team  make  a Neil Armstrong memorial in the finest human archaeological petroglyph tradition by using Curiosity's ChemCam laser to combine science with art to create a dot matrix petroglyph of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian cliff face, as described on

Tweet the Mars Rover @MarsCuriosity  with :

@MarsCuriosity #MarsPetroglyph ChemCam Laser a Neil Armstrong memorial PETROGLYPH on a Mars cliff face, see details

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