Friday, May 31, 2013

ALERT! Tornado Strikes At Radioactive Underground Landfill Fire In Saint Louis

UPDATE 6/1/13
We did a quick survey of the radioactive landfill fire this morning. There was minor tree damage near the entrance to the land fill, our Geiger counter readings indicated approximately 33 CPM downwind of the landfill and 27 CPM upwind. Wind direction was initially out of the East and then out of the Southeast. Our readings once again confirm the airborne radioactivity levels follow the stench from the underground radioactive fire at the landfill.

We also surveyed the Holiday Inn where the  "Mass Casualty" event was reported. There were mass tree casualties, but we saw no evidence of building collapse, or significant human injury. Video to follow.
UPDATE: Report of collapsed floor at Holiday Inn, POTENTIAL of mass casualties.
Strike reported within a few hundred feet of radioactive landfill, more info to follow tomorrow.

UPDATE: Current reports indicate NO casualties at the location in question. More info to follow tomorrow.
Tornado related Mass causality event reported at Holiday Inn at Earthcity, Mo.  within a few thousand feet of the WestLake superfund site. The landfill was in the direct path of the tornado, immediate radioactive risk assumed low, but bears watching

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