Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maximum Alert! US Gov Solicits $.6 BILLION Dollar Human Bird Flu Emergency Countermeasure Trials

The US Government has an open  $.6 BILLION solicitation  to combat  Bird Flu  using Human trials of  emergency experimental FLU vaccines (alarmingly with Adjuvants) and rapid (24 hour advanced notice) Human trials of emergency experimental post infection anti viral agents.  see  Solicitation Number: RFP-13-100-SOL-00008

Placing this solicitation in context with Congress' massive overfunding of the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund and  the Secretary of Health's authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection of the avian influenza A (H7N9), , and it is abundantly clear that the Federal Government is preparing for the type of Global Pandemic infectious disease scenario only seen in books and movies.

We see two primary risks:

(1) The Government is right and H7N9 Bird Flu is an imminent risk to the population of the Planet.

(2) The Government is wrong but will advocate and likely force high risk vaccination and treatments for the H7N9 FLU

We also see two primary cost effective risk mitigation strategies.

(1)  While it is still cheap and available, immediately purchase Chlorhexidine Gluconate ,an anti-infective surgical scrub. It kills the Flu and other bugs for 6 hours after washing with it (aka it is an invisible germ killing glove)

(2) Educate yourself about Emergency Use Authorizations for Vaccines/Adjuvents so that you may make an informed decision when given the option of taking such vaccines, and/or take emergency countermeasures after you are forced to take such a vaccine / treatment.


(1) The Medical Countermeasures Clinical Studies Network solicitation date release date (3/15/13) perfectly coincides with H7N9 cases jumping to a 100% mortality rate; see the H7N9 time line chart below from  VDU and Dr. Ian M Mackay

(2) The oil based Adjuvents indicated in the solicitations Statement of Work (page 25) were indicated by the CDC in an outbreak of Narcolepsis in children who took the recent swine flu vaccination.
The CDC has never before allowed the use of Adjuvents in Flu Vaccines.
 "No adjuvanted influenza vaccines are licensed in the United States, and no adjuvanted influenza vaccines were used in the United States during the influenza pandemic or in any other influenza season." 
The FDA's work around for the CDC stance on Flu Adjuvents is the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA),

Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA)
If requested for investigational drugs that have sufficient risk-benefit information in connection with a specific emergency declaration, FDA may issue emergency use authorizations (EUA) that allow situation-specific use of these drugs. The authorizations can also allow situation-specific, off-label use of approved drugs. (When a drug is used in a way that is different from what is described in the FDA-approved drug label, it is said to be an off-label use.) EUA usage is only for the specific declared emergency situation and does not take the place of clinical trials to gather information supporting full approval of a drug.

(3) Our search indicates the best place to buy Chlrohexidine Gluconate (CHD) is on This situation may change rapidly as some CHD products are already being reported in short supply. The links below represent some of the CHD items we have very recently purchased.

Medical Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Veterinary Chlorhexidine Gluconate

See our previous blog post for more analysis and discussion of CHD.

BUY IT NOW!: H7N9 Pandemic Will Spark Run On CHG.


The images below are courtesy of
Dr. Ian M Mackay and the Australian website VIROLOGY DOWN UNDER

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