Friday, April 25, 2014

ALERT: DOE CONFIRMS OUR REPORT! WIPP Plutonium Release Initially Unfiltered & HEPA System Was MANUALLY Started, Resulting In Human Contamination

While DOE, WIPP, and CERMC were reporting otherwise, the POTRBLOG team  was reporting that the HEPA filtration system at the WIPP facility had to be manually activated after the Plutonium explosion causing a massive unfiltered release to the environment and contamination of the workers who had to go outside and manually activate WIPP's  HEPA system.

We based our analysis on the mathematical data released and insider information from the WIPP plant. FINALLY  MONTHS LATER, a DOE investigator presenting WIPP's accident investigation report CONFIRMED OUR REPORT.

That confirmation came at the Wipp Town Hall Meeting 4/23/14 at approximately 1 hour 5 minutes and 25 seconds after the meeting started. Watch the Video linked below and fast forward to 1:05:25 to hear and see the confirming remarks.

Our early findings are best summarized in the video we released 3/12/14 which we have embedded below; we are now planning a follow up video.

Short to say; our opinion is that those officials who were reassuring the public that the HEPA system activated automatically and rapidly, while knowing otherwise should face jail time. Moreover our opinion is that those who may claim not to have known but should have known from the math / data, that those persons should never be allowed to operate in any matter involving public safety ever again.


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