Friday, February 3, 2012

SAN ONOFRE: The Tubes Don't Want to Wait Anymore

Tubes at San Onofre
Didn't want to wait anymore
They where eaten thin
its a symptom
but its not their sin

Chemistries gone bad,
Look at the puddle
Look in the core
Look to the Futures
We're all worn thin

That was our midnight haiqua, and relevant music video selection for the San Onofre radioactive leak.

Now to put it country plain and simple: The POTRBLOG SWAG is that the tubes weren't the problem, but rather the result. Chemistry is the problem, it is related to the refueling, and that we were lucky that the tubes failed before the fuel did. We'll be even more lucky if it is only limited to San Onofre. Expect electrical futures to climb, when the leaks start pouring out of the NRC.

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