Saturday, February 4, 2012

17X Background Radiation in 5:30pm 2/4/12 Saint Louis Misting Rain

At 5:30pm we took a sample swipe from our truck and it returned a reading of 17 times greater than background radiation. The reading is significantly less than the 30-50X background measurement we had late yesterday evening; however, the reading is still somewhat high for a jetstream blowing out of the South West.


  1. Check it, Potrblog: That was Bldg. No. 4 on Monday. There was also a lot of news about the all time high temp. in Reactor No. 2 continuing into Tuesday.

    I believe we agreed as short as 4 days to the West Coast and 6 days to you. Watch out, and have your iodine tablets ready.

  2. BTW, the 30 to 50X background, was that out of the South West?

  3. Another one from late Monday in Fukushima

  4. Mauibrad,
    Thanks for the heads up; and yes the storm/jet stream was out of the South West