Friday, February 3, 2012

5:50pm 2/3/12 Saint Louis Fallout Rain At 10X Background Radiation

Leading edge of the 2/3/12 rain storm returned a reading of 10X background radiation (0.109 mR/hr) in a sample swipe taken from the surface of our SUV. Given the current Southerly JetStream we expected the readings to be in the 10x range.

Readings may increase as the storms continue tonight and tomorrow, however we do not expect readings to go above 20X background. We will update this report with further testing as the storms continue.

10:30pm Update:
Samples returned between 33X to 51X times background radiation; the sample most comparable to the 5:50pm reading returned 38X background (0.384 mR/hr). The readings are higher than expected.


  1. You mentioned that the jetstream is southerly, which I take to mean coming up from the south. On the Jet stream maps that I have seen, it appears to be originating (in the continental US) over southern California. Do you think that the Midwest will be getting (or already has gotten) some of the stuff released from San Onofre the other day? (as if the stuff from Byron wasn't enough). Do you think much from San Onofre could make it to the midwestern states?

  2. Nemo,
    Best guess from the Jet Stream maps is that the front end of Tuesday's San Onofre leak blew threw yesterday (2/2/12), most of it probably somewhat South of Saint Louis.

  3. Thanks for the rain-out readings. I know you don't get a lot of feedback sometimes, but quite a few people are silently watching your posts.