Sunday, March 15, 2020

Emergency Action Message: ALL Coronavirus Testing On Verge Shutting Down

Update 3/17/20 to reflect Urgent change in situation and latest Oximeter availability

Based on a Health Alert from the Minnesota Department of Health:

1: A National Shortage of SARS-CoV-19 Reagent is limiting testing

2: National Commercial Labs may also be affected by this reagent shortage

3: Spooling up of Commercial Testing will depleted reagent stockpiles

4: Shutdown of Coronavirus testing is imminent

5: Anyone who hasn't procured a Blood Oxygen meter to empirically identify COVID19 will be blind to their situation


The Herd has awoken to the importance of Blood Oxygen meters, they are rapidly going up in price and out of stock

Based on research studies (linked below) these "in stock", Amazon fulfillment Oximeters listed below are likely to match Prescription oximeters in accuracy.

The manufacturer to look for in inexpensive Over The Counter [OTC] is "Beijing Choice" aka "ChoiceMMed"; They make both prescription and OTC oximeters, with the primary difference appearing to be labeling.   "Beijing Choice" models can also be found under other brand names like Zacurate and Wrinery.

Links and Source Data:

Clinical Interpretation of Peripheral Pulse Oximeters Labeled “Not for Medical Use”

The Accuracy of 6 Inexpensive Pulse Oximeters

Oxygen Saturations Less than 92% Are Associated with Major Adverse Events in Outpatients with Pneumonia  (hat tip to "Ryan Amaral" for finding this research study)

FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification

Emergency Action Message: A Blood Oxygen Meter Can Save You From Quarantine Infection 

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