Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Emergency Action Message: Medical System Collapse Countermeasures

--------------UPDATED 3/24/20
We've added 3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive to our list

It is a veterinary surgical glue used instead of stiches to close wounds.

Furthermore, with the dwindling supply of donated blood its is critical to rapidly manage blood loss. The only blood clotting agent still readily available on Amazon is CELOX Traumatic Wound First Aid Packets

The 6 CELOX packets in the above link are roughly equivalent to the single pack inside the currently unavailable Adventure Medical Kits Rapid Response Trauma Pak with QuikClot

Since our 1st Emergency Action Message in January targeted  acquiring items to cost effectively risk mitigate environmental exposure to the Coronavirus; those items have mostly become unavailable. MOREOVER,  it has become clear that the nature of the threat is severe enough that collapse of the medical system is probable.

It is uncertain if the threat is great enough to result in total collapse of the medical system; however it is likely that the health care system will collapse to the point that even traumatic injuries may face significant delay in treatment.

Traumatic bleeding and blood loss may be the most important injury to risk mitigate, until assistance can arrive.  Items used to treat traumatic injury will rapidly go out of stock as the supply chain empties and the HERD stampedes.

We have URGENTLY purchased the following items:

Adventure Medical Kits Rapid Response Trauma Pak with QuikClot

CELOX Traumatic Wound First Aid Packets

Suture Thread with Needle 30Pk (in case the Doctor runs out of them)

Please note: 

We do not make recommendations. We only explain the actual emergency risk mitigation action we are taking, and the rationale for those actions. If you purchase item via the links above it will aid us in offsetting the costs of our own purchases.

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  1. In your opinion, would it be worthwhile to create a liquid mixture of isopropyl and chlorhexidine to use as a spray to enhance effectiveness of n95 masks? The alcohol would act as a carrier and when evaporated, leave behind a layer of chlorhexidine gluconate.

  2. That's not something I would do, "N" rated masks don't handle liquid contamination very well; likely it would just open up the fibers and reduce filtration.