Tuesday, January 21, 2020

WOW! US Gov Contract DOUBLED for Presidential Emergency Declaration

FEMA just DOUBLED a contract for 4 Billion Dollars in case of a Presidential Emergency Declaration. The contract was just let at the 1st of January and 15 days later something happened to make FEMA double the budget. The primary unplanned for situation that pops to mind during this time frame is the SARS-like outbreak coming from CHINA. Note this is just top of the Pyramid type spending; Billions and Billions more will have to be thrown at a major outbreak, fortunately most of that planning was already done in contracts tied the H7N9 influenza outbreak the fizzled several years back. Unfortunately the media is not reliable enough to accurately characterize the risk associated with this Coronavirus outbreak. Typically if the media and CDC is fomenting panic it is for clicks/views and budget increases. But if the media and CDC publicly underplay a disease risk it is because they fear a public panic will interfere with their planned actions. It is recognizing this latter situation that allows the astute observer to react prior to the herd of humanity stampeding. Often the best risk assessment can be garnered by looking at what the Government is contracting in reference to any particular situation. The fact that FEMA just had to DOUBLE its spending limit, just days after the settling a contract, for top level Presidential level disaster response is telling. Our initial assessment is that People will NOT be dropping like flies; that said, it takes very little to disturb the normalcy of a 1st World medical system. The SARS-like outbreak has the potential to shut down hospitals, dialysis clinics, and make normal medical treatment difficult to find. More people would be likely to die from being shut out of treatment for normally treatable chronic diseases than would from the SARS-like virus itself. More to follow: Sources:

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