Tuesday, January 28, 2020

EMERGENCY ACTION! Coronavirus Asymptomatic Countermeasures

Emergency Action countermeasures are required against the Wuhan Coronavirus as confirmed reports from Germany and Japan have documented the asymptomatic spread of the Pandemic Coronavirus. These reports substantiate Chinese governmental warnings on asymptomatic spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. The nature of this asymptomatic spread is likely fomites such as fecal matter and other bodily fluids contaminating common objects/surfaces.

Protections from incidental physical contamination is paramount.


(1) For emergency and portable decontamination we are using PDI Prevantics skin wipes containing 3.15% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (or similar products)
PDI Prevantics is both rapid and persistent for hours in its viricide capability

Skin Wipes 3% Chlorhexidine 70% Alcohol

(2) We are actively using Hibiclens 4% Chlorhexidine surgical scrub as a full strength lotion applied to the hands as a persistent long duration viricide. The Hibiclens Gallon Jug Refill is more cost effective, but we may also substitute the significantly less expensive and slightly weaker 2% veterinarian chlorhexidine soaps as conditions and shortages unfold. 2% is the minimum strength we would use.

Hibiclens Foaming Hand Pump 16oz
Hibiclens Gallon Jug
Chlorhexidine 2%

(3) We are using Germ-X Advanced 70% Ethanol hand sanitizer, as an inexpensive but very effective quick acting yet unfortunately short lived viricide.

GERM- X Advanced Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol

(4) We are also using Lysol-to-go 1 oz spray cans to disinfect shopping carts handles, public restrooms, etc.

Lysol-to-go 1oz Disinfectant Spray


(1) Our actions are focused on risk mitigation, based on available current knowledge of viricides and the potential impacts of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

(2) We do not make recommendations as to what other people should do or buy; we only offer insight to the things we are actually doing and spending money on.

(3) If you use the links above to purchase these item we will receive monetary compensation from Amazon, which in turn will help us buy more of these items.

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  1. The swordfish portable air purifier was discontinued on 2016. You made this recommendation when ebola was all the rage. Is there another product you would recommend for office spaces?

  2. We don't make recommendations, but we have made extensive use of the Sanuvox p900-GX. It's medical grade and best by far, but expensive

    We also use the Sanuvox Biopur, It's not medical grade but it's still good, and less expensive than the P900)

    and we have zero conflict of interest on those purifiers

  3. Thank you. I appreciate your quick response and I am grateful for this blog. No recommendation needed. A simple "this is what we are doing will suffice."

  4. Thanx for everything u do to to inform with unbiased truth ! God bless you all and stay safe.