Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We suspect a Human To Human Airborne H7N9 Variant has been detected by the USG, otherwise this level of preparation does not make fiscal sense.

Today, U.S. Government Department of Health & Human Services [DHHS] released a solicitation that states it will use the Presidential Emergency Alert System [EAS] for a Pandemic Flu Emergency televised broadcast. In a related development, two days ago the FCC put out notice seeking immediate broadcaster comments the first and only test run of the Emergency Alert System which took place in 2011

In an uncanny UN-coinncidence, DHHS also released a solicitation to purchase SPROUT Social Media to help them TWEET to the public, while TWITTER announce it is activating its Emergency Alert System to allow Government Organizations to TWEET messages in time of emergency.

The Presidential Emergency Action Notice [EAN] will look something like the image below, and its primary initial purpose will be to delay public panic. As such, the EAN will signal the last fleeting time period where additional safety measures may be taken while the public attempts to make sense of the H7N9 Pandemic Flu Emergency Broadcast.

Links referenced in this analysis:

Solicitation Number: 13-233-SOL-00794

FCC Seeks Comments on Technical Details of Nationwide EAS Test - Preparing for the Next Test?

Solicitation Number: 13-233-SOL-00852

Twitter Unveils Emergency Alert System

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