Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[FEMA] 48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 "Doctor Scrubs"; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System

The situation appears to be a mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System 


Based on Federal Solicitations, FEMA is readying to deploy 100,000 medical personnel to 1000 shelter locations (100 medical personnel per location) on 48 hours notice. These shelter locations appear to be the housing quarters for the medical teams, as they are being stocked with atypical luxury, aka mobile showers, restrooms, hot food, medical clothing (scrubs), winter "sweat shirts and pants" etc.

Contractor comments/questions call it an "Armageddon scenario" and question the capabilities of their industries to support it. These Government solicitations have all the earmarks of massive logistical incompetence.

The threat being prepared for appears to be coming out of the Pacific Rim region, a likely scenario is the human spread of Avian Bird Flu (H7N9) out of China. We think less it is less likely (but we can't rule it out) that this is a Fukushima preparation because nuclear threats are invisible and usually deniable. Any such mobilization MUST BE less panic inducing than the threat which it seeks to quell, aka PANDEMIC.

PARTIAL Details:

100,000 "Doctor Scrubs" pants and shirts, 90% Adult Sizes (MUST DELIVER 50,000 with 48 hours notice)
100,000 "Sweat shirts and pants" 90% adult.  (MUST DELIVER 50,000 with 48 hours notice)

1000 Shelters each holding 100 people, with mobile showers and restrooms supporting (2000 total showers).

And enough Fuel, Hot food delivery containers, sundries, protective equipment, hygine equipment and etc to supply.

6,000,000 autoclavable cotton blankets and so on and so forth, all must be available under "SURGE TEMPO" and typically in 48 hours notice.

8,100,000 liters of  Bottled Drinking Water and 3,000,000 liters of Extended Shelf Life Drinking Water

Notable contractor comments:

Contractor A (Mobile showers and restrooms):
 I think  the Armageddon scenario is too large to provide the Federal Emergency Management Agency with  several responsible parties....we could address and service the 20 camps in California, the 5 in Oregon and the 5 in Washington"
Contractor B: (6,000,000 Pcs order for autoclabable blankets)
Question4. Would we be able to get a longer lead time for the initial order and then 30 days for the remainder of the contract? As the blankets will be manufactured in Pakistan? It will be hard to carry 100,000 Pcs in Inventory. We on a general basis stock no more than 25,000 - 30,000 Pcs in inventory locally in GA.
Answer4.  No.


Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0062
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0058
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0070
Solicitation Number: HSFE90-13-I-0018
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0061
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-12-R-0043
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-12-R-0097
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0071
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0049
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0048
Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0046
Solicitation Number: HSFE10-13-P-5023
Solicitation Number: 2013-N-15755
National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Video

More details are in our video analysis 


  1. This information is interesting. While the autoclavable blankets seem to point toward bird-flu preparations, the desire to have so many extra pairs of clothing and showers could fit with Fukushima preparations. I noticed that in your last video you had said that the emergency supplies for the Pacific Rim needed to be available by Oct. 21. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but at Fukushima they will begin trying to extract the fuel rods from the damaged #4 spent fuel pool some time in November, and several experts have pointed out that, while they need to come out, the removal process will itself be extremely dangerous since much of the fuel is already damaged/bent. states, "The operation, to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel beneath the plant’s damaged Reactor No. 4, could set off a catastrophe greater than any we have ever seen..." The article goes on to warn about the possibility of a criticality accident is anything goes wrong as they remove this fuel:

    'Arnie Gunderson ... told Reuters that “they are going to have difficulty in removing a significant number of the rods,” especially given their close proximity to each other, which risks breakage and the release of radiation.

    Gundersen told Reuters of an incredibly dangerous “criticality” that would result if a chain reaction takes place at any point, if the rods break or even so much as collide with each other in the wrong way. The resulting radiation is too great for the cooling pool to absorb – it simply has not been designed to do so.

    “The problem with a fuel pool criticality is that you can’t stop it. There are no control rods to control it,” Gundsersen said.'

    At the same time, there are reports that the ground underneath the plant is becoming increasingly liquified due to TEPCOs failure to manage leaks adequately, which doesn't bode well for the fuel pools that are already structurally compromised.

    While bird flu is probably the most likely focus of these preparations, the date for the order nevertheless requires everything to be in place just in time to respond if an accident during this fuel removal were to trigger a truly catastrophic worst case scenario in Japan.

    1. If it is Fukushima it would have to be something spectacular enough disaster to make the public announcement of multiple treatment centers being set up a Publicly Soothing message. But don't forget, that the October date for the Pacific Rim SURGE Capability also times near perfect with the start of Flu season.

      One strange thing about the Pacific Rim solicitation is how they are including Foreign ISLAND nations as destinations for supplies, but they list every country on the Pacific Rim as a possible destination. That could point to Japan as a destination for some of the supplies. INSIDE JAPAN if there were a large Fukushima event, a mobilization of this sort could have a soothing affect on a panic public.

      In the end, we can make good SWAGs about the reason, but the real point of concern is that FEMA/HHS/DHS/CDC are in engaged in more than just planning. Hopefully its just all a way for them to spend budget and create job security, and nothing more.

  2. Regarding:
    Solicitation Number: HSFE70-13-R-0062

    .......................the following was added!....

    Added: Sep 17, 2013 8:53 am
    RFP# HSFE70-13-R-0062 is canceled in its entirety due to lack of sufficient industry response to Government.
    The replacement solicitation# HSFE70-13-R-0076 will posted on FBO.GOV.

    1. They had to "cancel" it because NO ONE is capable of delivering 100,000 Doctor's Scrubs on 48 hours notice. They will restructure it to try and make it possible. Several of the other solicitations also seem to have the exact same problem. AND, that what makes this such a Cluster Mess; somebody at FEMA did not have a clue that industry could not support this kind of thing. If they have to pull the trigger, this may end up being one of the biggest logistical cluster messes of all time.

  3. FEMA built a mass morgue and immunization/processing center in Salt Lake City.
    Maybe we could see a major EQ in Utah. The Liquifaction in the valley would mean widespread distruction like Mexico City. Is HAARP off or just under new management? Another scenario is nuclear terrorism/false flag. An event like this would get us engaged in Syria and Iran like the "special interests" want.

  4. "FEMA built a mass morgue and immunization/processing center in Salt Lake City"

    Source please?

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