Sunday, June 26, 2011

[BREAKING] TEPCO Document Indicates 0.6 EXA-bequerels Released on Day 2 !!!

Hat tip to EX-SKF blogsite for finding and translating this document

The TEPCO engineers believed that 0.601 EXA-bequerels of Noble gasses were released on March 12, 2011. That equates to 601,000,000,000,000,000 blasts of ionizing radiation per second. Anyone who flew in a jet into that radioactive release should keep a permanent record of your flight number, the flight path, and the flight time.

If there is a positive side to this finding it, there is now an initial starting data point which can be plugged into all those radioactive dispersal plume models; and as a result,  we may garner some idea  about the upper atmospheric concentrations of those radioactive Noble gasses which resulted from that  FIRST release.

One of the most potentially globally terrifying components of that gas release into the upper atmosphere is Xenon 133. Xe133 decays to non radioactive Cesium 133, and when the Cesium 133 in the upper atmosphere is hit by protons from a Solar Mass Ejection it will turn into a witches' brew of radioactive iodines.  The threat from that witches brew won't just  be from one point source like Fukushima; the vulnerability will potentially manifest simultaneously over the entire Northern Hemisphere. The video below explains the threat.

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