Monday, June 6, 2011

325,000 Radioactive Fallout Baby Teeth in Saint Louis = Increase in Cancer Deaths

Washington University Scientists in Saint Louis Missouri collected over 325,000 baby teeth during the 1950's and 1960's. The baby teeth were used to track the environmental uptake of radioactive fallout in children. A significant amount of detail was recorded about each and every tooth.

Forty years later; 85,000 thousand of the unused teeth were found in storage. The data from those teeth allowed researchers to track down people who had died of cancer by their late 40's. The key results from that study showed that "the average Sr-90 concentration in teeth of persons who died of cancer was 122% greater, or more than twice the level for healthy persons the same age. The 122% excess was statistically significant at p<.04."

The connotations of the effects of the Fukushima Fallout on our children are obvious. My own Geiger counter tests have shown that the radiation in our rainfall has been up to 60 times greater than would be expected from naturally occurring phenomena. It is unclear if the Fukushima fallout is hitting Saint Louis harder than anywhere else. But, if there were one location in the North America where the local weather conditions would have the strongest capability of pulling radioactive material out of the upper atmosphere, it would here in Saint Louis where the Jet Stream and Tornado alley meet the humid confluence of the Missouri, Illinois, and Mississippi rivers. It has also been pointed out to me that Saint Louis and Fukushima practically lay on the same Latitude, meaning that Fukushima is directly due west of Saint Louis.

We may not see, hear, smell, or taste the evil that is washing down up on us; but we still can mitigate the risk. Stay out of the rain; avoid dairy products; avoid fruits and vegetables grown north of the Equator; use a WP4-V water filter in your home; drink filtered bottled water when away from home, or use a refillable filtering water bottle like the Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier;  if you have to fly consider wearing a a filter mask ; if you have to drive in the rain, consider turning on the air conditioner and setting the vehicle's environmental controls to recirculate.  Finally as the study above has shown us, the tooth fairy might want to keep her finds (and associated data) for future testing.

You can find a summary of the Saint Louis radioactive fallout tooth and cancer study at this link; there are also roughly 17 copies of the book available on Amazon.

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