Friday, April 15, 2011

[VIDEO update] !!!ALERT!!! 62 TIMES background radiation, Saint Louis Mo 4/15/11

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5/29/11 Update
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TENORM: The Smoking Gun on Hiding Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

4/16/11 Update
Indications of Fukushima Iodine 134 Contamination in Saint Louis

STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! - Especially if you are on a motorcycle or bicycle.
This fallout sample was taken from the nose/grill area of my truck after a roughly 15 mile drive through the rain. The truck was parked through approximately 20 minutes of heavy rain and pea sized hail. The truck was then driven through roughly 15 miles of rain on the back side of the storm. The last 2-5 miles of the drive there was no rain and the truck arrived home mostly dry. The sample was taken from the remaining few drops of water on the nose/grill.

The fallout sample maxed out at 0.686 mR/hr, approximately 62 times normal background radiation as measured in Saint Louis, Missouri. Data indicates that the radioactivity in this sample will dissipate completely within 3 hours. Some testing was performed using plastic and wood as Alpha and Beta filters. The fallout sample was primarily a Beta emitter. Secondary emissions were Alpha, and a small amount of Gamma was detected.

The dissipation time is so rapid that the dosage/exposure to this fallout is unlikely to be measured by governmental authorities, which means only your thyroid will know what kill it.

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