Monday, July 6, 2009

Who loves ya, bunny?

I was driving down the street of my rabbit infested neighborhood last night when a hypothesis jumped into my head. It occurred to me, in twelve years of driving large, foreign four wheel drive SUVs, that no one in the household had ever ran over wildlife. (Or suburban life, in our case).

No rabbit squishy. No possum stew. No raccoon ragu. Nothin. Nada. Just several incidents that surely looked like "near misses". And yet, one morning just last summer I counted 15 rabbits in the quarter mile between my house and the exit of the neighborhood.

It's not that the neighborhood has any shortage of rabbit squishy. I see something dead just about every day, and our town has a pretty impressive roadkill removal crew.

So who are the roving roadkillers?

Hence my hypothesis. I think it's cars. Those small, lightweight, fuel efficient, low to the ground nemesis of bunnys' around the world. I suspect that when a car runs over a bunny, it tumbles the bunny, possible throwing it under the tires. When an SUV passes over a bunny, unless it happens to be in the direct tire path, it escapes unscathed.

So now, hypothesis in hand, I will begin the search for supporting data. Anecdotal data is also accepted. What say you, fellow SUV drivers? How many bunnys are notched on your fenders?

Fenders. Not Mudflaps.


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