Saturday, July 25, 2009

"It don't matter if you're black or white"

Michael Jackson may be dead, but that quote is not.

Did you hear me Henry Louis Gates?

Stop crying "racism" just because you were arrested by a white officer. STOP STOP STOP!

(You even dragged the President into it. How little of you. He can get into embarrassing situations JUST FINE by himself, thank you. He does not need your or anyone elses' help.)

How dare you! You can make a public spectacle out of this, drag the POTUS into it and you weren't even tased! You weren't forced to the ground, you weren't pepper sprayed, or beaten or otherwise brutalized, and yet, all you can focus on is your skin color!

Open your eyes, for heavens sake. Of all the problems american citizens have with the cops, racism is such a small bit that it is beyond insulting to people like this Baptist Preacher that you blame your unjust arrest (yes, it was a wrong arrest) on your light brown, half white skin.

A cop arrested you because you mouthed off at him, and you think its all because you're half black?

You're alive. You weren't sieved by a barrage of bullets when you reached for your id. You didn't suffer any lasting injuries and wind up in a hospital or worse, you weren't mentally impaired by the ordeal.

So where do you get off blaming it all on racism? Don't you see how far you are missing this boat?

A beer with the President might cure a racist cop, but it's going to make a jackboot statist thug WORSE. And since you're problem was not a racist cop, your little diversity promotion stunt is just going to make life much, much worse for every other American, red, brown, yellow, black or white.

Now, since you and POTUS will use beer to forever solve the problem of cop-brutality-motivated-by-racism, you and POTUS will assure us that cops in the future are only brutalizing people that truly deserve it. So the brutality will get worse, and the complaints will be quieter.

Sadly Henry Louis Gates, the most likely explanation is your own years of racism, taught at your mothers' knee, searching for diversity in every interaction, have left you incapable of seeing that the police state has always brutalized whomever it could get away with, and these days that includes you.

But then again, maybe you just don't care.

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