Thursday, August 7, 2014

CDC's "Lesser Of Evils" Double Standard On Health Care Worker Protection Indicates They Expect a Large Ebola Outbreak In USA

CDC apparently has made a "lesser of evils" choice to direct Doctor's and healthcare workers to risk their lives using only  minimal Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] when treating Ebola patients. Prior to the outbreak, Ebola Biosafey Level 4 [BSL-4] regulations limited treatment of Ebola patients to only 22 hospital beds across the country which had the required BSL-4 treatment rooms and 'space suits'.

Those regulations meant that if a non BSL-4 hospital had been exposed to an Ebola patient, the hospital would have to shutdown the affect areas until they could be sterilized. It also meant that Doctors and healthcare workers exposed would be held under quarantine. Obviously, that methodology is not sustainable for a large Ebola outbreak as the medical system would collapse.

Our analysis indicates that the CDC sees a real risk of the medical system collapsing from the adherence to strict Ebola BSL-4 regulations. And as such, it is better to risk the collapse of the medical system from an actual spate of healthcare worker Ebola infections at BSL1 facilities than it is to risk Ebola patients having no access to medical oversight.

In short, CDC's guidance that Ebola Biosafety Level 4 [BSL-4] Space Suits aren't required for non-CDC personnel is because the risk of Ebola's spread is INITIALLY better reduced by getting Ebola victims into BSL-1 facilities as opposed to leaving them with unfettered access to the public.

While it appears that most medical personnel don't have a clue why the CDC would make such a double standard in healthcare worker protection given that the cost of failure is death, it was very obvious on CDC's August 5th teleconference "What U.S. Hospitals Need to Know to Prepare for Ebola Virus Disease" that multiple represented Hospitals and Doctors understand that there is a clear double standard in  CDC's Personnel Protective Equipment requirements: see the question below from B. Russell to the CDC.

"Barbara Russell:.... I had that concern about that double standard. It’s very hard to convince emergency room staff and others that we just have to wear a gown, and gloves and mask.
And then we see on TV with them in all their suits head to toe in this room where they say they’re going to burn everything that comes out of it.
So is there anything that can be done to correct what Emory is doing and what is Emory wearing when they go in the rooms?"

In the end we are left with one of two options concerning CDC's PPE guidance:

1) either we must believe that the CDC is willing to risk the lives of medical personnel out of sheer incompetence, or

2) that the CDC must risk the lives of medical personnel because its a lesser of evils which serves to reduce the speed, but likely not the size of the Ebola outbreak.


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  1. Very interesting - thanks for posting!

  2. Great post. Thanks for your work.

  3. Maybe the government can use the supply of thrombosomes, which they acquired last year in prep for any possible H7N9 outbreak, to treat Ebola patients suffering hemorrhage - if such a pandemic hits here.

    The government uses our tax dollars to fund unjust wars and give aid to foreign countries, but they don't want to spend some money to expedite a mass production of these "space suits" and distribute them to hospitals across the country. Even if no Ebola pandemic hits here, then at least hospitals will be prepared for any possible BSL-4 outbreak in the future with these suits. It's obvious the government sees the herd as expendable, including many doctors, nurses and other medical care practitioners.

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    1. OOPS! There was another message appended by mistake. Well, hearing the truth twice is better than hearing once, right?
      Sorry for the repetition.
      Dr. Rima

  5. This comment was on that Wretchard "Viral" thread --

    "middle c

    A friend of my daughter's was a physician treating Ebola earlier this year. Her team had to be flown out under military protection in March when the inhabitants tried to kill them. The report is that whole villages are gone, families annihilated - and I was told with some vehemence that the Ebola virus is indeed airborne, via droplets at the least and dust particles at the worst.

    The virus lives for 23 days on a surface - a plane seat, a door handle, a gas pump, a grocery cart, mail, cash. The notion that it can be contained arises from denial, same as the natives running away into the bush rather than submit to quarantine.

    In fact, a big piece of the story is that identified contacts are running away and hiding even as they succumb. Now it is in Saudi Arabia, with the hajj imminent. Countless African students will be winging their way to universities around the world this month.

    As Mr. Isaacs told the Congressional sub-committee, one millimeter of unprotected skin is all it takes to be infected. Prepare now, while you can, for at least 3 months of sheltering in place - where nothing and no one goes out, and nothing and no one comes in.

    The reported rate of infection is about 1.86 per patient (ie, each Ebola victim infects nearly 2 more) - and that rate may be artificially low due to poor reporting. But even at that rate, 4 billion will have been infected by 2016. Wake up!"

    and it has the following implications --

    EBOV is showing VX persistant nerve gas level lethal persistence (three weeks) and high virulence. That is a civilization destroying pandemic risk.

    There is no way that any Western hospital can deal with a blood/mucus/saliva born disease that can infect with a 1 mm square skin contact from a sneeze and remains infectious in dried blood for three weeks.

    In a matter of weeks we will be seeing prostitute vector Ebola showing up with village headmen and African government officials across equitorial Black Africa.

    In short, we have already lost rural Equatorial West Africa. And Ebola is spreading across the African roads to the long distance truckers and their prostitutes -- it is blood born, remember -- to everywhere in Africa.

    It will be in Arab North Africa and Southern Africa in three weeks, if it hasn't made it there by airplane already.

    It is now a question of limiting the damage.

    Nothing short of a hard shut down of the world wide air transport system and air-sea-land blockade _right now_ with a shoot to kill enforced quarantine is going to stop this.

    Once it gets into America anywhere, we will have to shut down interstate travel for at least three months.

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  7. One more point, the key public health deception happening right now is that the various government talking heads are all carefully trying to conflating "exhalation" transmission with "inhalation" transmission to deny the existence of _airborne transmission_.

    IOW, If it ain't "exhalation transmissible," _it ain't airborne transmissible_...

    ...even though it can be contracted by inhaling dried saliva and dried bodily secretions without a N95 respirator class breath mask.

    And the media will believe them, or at least say they do.

    A you tube video carefully detailing the differences between "exhalation" transmission with "inhalation" transmission is in order for your readers, along with a list of questions/statements for people to ask their public health officials to nail down the difference for the "Low inofrmation" public.

    1. if Ebola survives well in a naturally dried state it is a very bad sign.

  8. See this link --

    Read the whole thing, including pages 232-234 of the USAMRIID paper at:


    Int J Exp Pathol. Aug 1995; 76(4): 227–236.
    Lethal experimental infections of rhesus monkeys by aerosolized Ebola virus.
    E. Johnson, N. Jaax, J. White, and P. Jahrling

    See the "Discussion" section at page 232-234

    The most interesting post is No. 228:

    I think the discussion section of the article you posted suggests that Ebola is more likely to be transmitted via aerosol at lower temperatures and relative humidities than are usually present in sun-Saharan Africa. They mentioned they did their experiments at 24C and <40% relative humidity. What I meant by "thriving" was merely that virion would have a longer stability on surfaces in conditions that are more similar to our autumn than Nigerian summer.

    My personal take on transmission is that the ability of the virus to be transmitted is being vastly underestimated. While not strictly "airborne", it is clearly very transmissible with very few particles via mucous membranes - recall Ken Isaacs statement about the eye. Droplets, even microscopic, from respiratory or other bodily secretions (sweat, urine, blood, feces) can apparently act very effectively as agents of transmission when landing on fomites (inert surfaces like table tops, seats/chairs, clothing).

    It appears from the clinical observations in West Africa that the virus is exquisitely capable of being expelled onto fomites, transferring to another person (via the hands or garments) and then infecting the person through the most minute exposure to a mucous membrane like the eye or the oral mucosa or the respiratory tract.

    Remember that only a very few microscopic virion particles could effectively cause an active clinical infection. This spread would then appear to be like airborne transmission while not strictly fitting that definition.

    i suspect the Nigerian and CDC "authorities" are aware of this, and are hiding behind semantics so as to not cause panic but nevertheless not be guilty of overt lying.

    1. thanks for the link, agree with your assessment on the CDC hiding behind the semantics, they often obfuscate by telling some truth but not "the whole truth" and certainly not "nothing but the truth"

  9. See also, the CDC just admitted to the very non-medical term of 'Inhalation transmission' of Ebola Viral Disease "in a contaminated hospital environment."

    How "a contaminated hospital environment" differs from a public rest room or the recirculated air on a jetliner remains to be seen.

    See link and clipped text below --

    How is Ebola Virus Disease spread?

    The manner in which the Ebola virus first appears in a human at the start of an outbreak has not been
    determined. However, Ebola VD could be spread through the following:
    1. Direct contact with an infected animal or human;
    2. Direct contact with the blood and or secretions of an infected person especially within
    3. Contact with contaminated medical equipment such as needles;
    4. Reuse of unsterilized needles in hospital;
    5. Eating or handling of the carcass of infected animals;
    6. Inhalation of contaminated air in hospital environment;
    7. Use of infected non human primate/bats as food source;
    8. Non implementation of universal precautions.