Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[URGENT RETRACTED!!] Significant Rumors of H7N9 Outbreak In China

UPDATE: we are retracting The Province Rumor PART of this report because we have found similar language used in a report generated by a different source in APRIL.  

The Chinese press is openly responding to significant rumors of an H7N9 outbreak, related to a surge in influenza like illnesses in the following provinces "Tangshan, Handan, Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Henan, and other places'.

One key thing to consider about the relationship between influenza-like-illnesses and H7N9 may be found in the last publicly documented H7N9 case. That H7N9 case, a 51 year old woman, had a son who was recovering from an influenza like illness with fever; the son did NOT test positive for H7N9. There may be a significant number of H7N9 cases that are milder and do not test positive for H7N9.

So far the published (propaganda) claims given in response to these H7N9 Outbreak rumors are as follows:

(1) The people are overwrought and the "illness" is a psychological manifestation
(2) The doctors are having a difficult time telling the difference between viral respiratory infections and Air Pollution.
(3) The Chinese CDC has launched an  "comprehensive unexplained pneumonia and influenza-like illness surveillance" emergency plan
(4) The H7N9 "cure rate is very high" if caught early enough.
(5) Poultry and eggs are unmarketable

Obviously something is afoot, whether or not it is H7N9 is to be seen. These large scale widespread rumors would likely induce some higher wealth individuals to flee the affected locations,; thereby making early notice of such event reports important in factoring a potential spread outside of China



  1. Thanks for all you do in reporting this information. We appreciate you.

  2. The good news is that we are retracting PART of this report because we found evidence of a similarly worded rumor report from April.
    Were not deleting the report because is good for people to know when their sources are wrong about something.

  3. Ms.X where can I find the docs of the government coverup? I want to post to my FB account...

    1. While the China is typically covering something up; they seem to be comparatively forthright about H7N9. But there are obvious things that jump out such as claiming a high cure rate and not being able to distinguish pollution and viral borne illness.
      The links used are now in the blogpost; the first document is dated OCT but actually appears to contain information from last April.