Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama's Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Tijuana Affair

As all good heart'd people know, billionaire trillionaire Mexican drug lords buy their weapons of choice from common folk at gun shows along the US Border; its not like they own large numbers of people in the Mexican military who can provided them with all the weapons and explosives they need.

But things are tough these days in the drug running business, and if the Obama administration can help bail out friendly drug lords why not? After all, it worked for GM and Wall Street. Step in operation "fast and furious"

Fast and Furious, was short for how fast can we get a furious public to destroy the 2nd Amendment while still getting a desired political outcome in Mexico. The answer is obvious, have uncle Sam buy a bunch of guns for their favorite Mexican cartel and blame the result on gunshows, gun dealers, and red necks.

Of course, no such program is achievable without a media campaign to convince the public that billionaire drug operations only have weapons because of our God given liberties. Its a plan that almost (and may yet still) come to fruition.

Unfortunately there is no modern day Woodward and Bernstein willing to make the unpleasant connections between Fast & Furious and the Obama administration's push to even more highly regulate gun dealers along the border; or the ATF shotgun study which was about to be leveraged to further disarm the law abiding public; or why exactly the Obama administration was trying to give the Sinaola cartel the upper hand in Mexico by giving them direct weapon subsidies. Was there was another drug cartel closer to the US border that Obama administration was less friendly with for some reason?

All in all it makes one wonder how we solved all the illegal alcohol cartel problems during prohibition, maybe there are some lessons there?

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