Thursday, May 19, 2011

STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! Radioactive Drizzle at 37X background radiation. 0.375 mR/Hr in STL 5/19/11

The first sample was taken 5/19/11 @ 5pm from the hood / grill after a 17 mile drive in on and off drizzle; the sample measured 0.375 mR/hr ( 37 times background radiation). Other samples were taken from the rear and roof of the truck. The results indicated that the radioactivity was emanating directly from the absorbed rain drops and the little to no activity resulted from road spray. Given the small amount of liquid sampled, a reading of 0.375 mR/hr is disturbingly high.


  1. Why is it that your readings and another youtuber called dutchsinse his reading contradict each other?
    Check him out dutchsinse at youtube.

  2. You will have to be more a lot more specific about the exact measurements / videos in which you see a contradiction, for me to give you a more specific answer. Short of that, the most likely answer is different weather on different days using different sampling methods, in different locations.