Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Police as Parents

It's a new 'keep kids out of trouble' program, coming soon to a school near you!

More than 5,000 state schools in England, including one in five primaries, have their own dedicated officer, it was disclosed.

The Government said the number was around 10 times higher than previous estimates and insisted every school in the country could eventually get its own police officer.

But Rod Jarman, Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner, said: "Partnerships have helped to make the schools and the surrounding area safer places, evidenced through significant reductions in crime and antisocial behaviour and greater confidence of young people that police will deal with their issues.

Now that's a win-win for the police state. They get to beat you up while increasing dependence on the state.

Oh yes. The police will deal with your issues all right. Just make sure you don't try to deal with them yourself.

But heck! It is better than spanking.

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